Anniversary Gifts By Year

For every anniversary of marriage there are traditional gifts to give. Most people know that one gives silver on the 25th anniversary, and gold on the 50th anniversary. But did you know there are appropriate gifts for every year of marital bliss?

Over the years, the appropriate gift per year has changed with the times. This list is not so much a requirement to give specific gifts as it is a suggestion to make every anniversary year a unique celebration of your union to your partner.

Year Traditional
Modern Flowers
1st  Paper Cotton Clocks Carnation
2nd Cotton Paper China Lily of the Valley
3rd Leather Crystal/Glass Sunflower
4th Linen/Silk Fruit/ Flowers Appliances Hydrangea
5th Wood Silverware Daisy
6th Iron Sugar Wood Calla
7th Wool/Copper Wool Desk/Pen Sets  Freesia
8th Bronze Salt Linen/Lace  Lilac
9th Pottery/China Copper  Leather Bird of Paradise
10th Tin/Aluminum  Tin  Diamonds/Jewelry Daffodil
11th Steel N/A Fashion Jewelry Tulip
12th Silk Linen/Silk Pearls/Gems Peony
13th Lace N/A Textiles/Furs Chrysanthemum
14th Ivory N/A  Gold/Jewelry Dahlia
15th Crystal Watches Rose
16th N/A Holloware  
17th N/A  Furniture  
18th  N/A Porcelain  
19th N/A Bronze Sweetpea
20th China Platinum Aster
21st N/A Brass/Nickel  
22nd N/A Copper  
23rd N/A Silver Plates  
24th Opal N/A Instruments  
25th Silver Iris
26th N/A Photographs  
27th N/A Sculptures  
28th N/A Orchid Orchid 
29th N/A New Furniture  
30th Pearls Diamonds Lily 
31st N/A Timepieces  
32nd N/A Conveyances  
33rd N/A Amethyst  
34th N/A Opal  
35th Coral/Jade Coral Jade  
36th N/A Bone China  
37th N/A Alabaster  
38th N/A Beryl/Tourmaline  
39th N/A Lace  
40th Ruby Gladiolus
41st N/A Land  
42nd N/A Improved Land  
43rd N/A Travel  
44th N/A Groceries  
45th Sapphire N/A Sapphire  
46th N/A Original Poetry  
47th N/A Books  
48th N/A Optical Goods  
49th N/A Luxury Items  
50th Gold Yellow Rose/Violet
55th Emerald N/A Emerald  
60th Diamonds N/A Diamonds  
75th Diamonds/Gold N/A Diamonds/Gold  

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