Kanye West’s Intangible Birthday Gift


Gifts don’t have to be tangible in order to be appreciated. Just ask Kanye West.

For his 38th birthday, his wife Kim Kardashian went all out, spending over $110,000 on Kanye’s present. She didn’t buy him a new car or jewelry or a recording studio. Her gift wouldn’t even exist for more than one day. But it was still something that Kanye will no doubt remember for years.

What did Kim get her husband? A basketball game. No, she didn’t buy tickets to a game. Instead, she rented out the entire Staples Center, the Lakers’ home stadium, for Kanye West and his friends to play basketball together. It was a true NBA game experience for Kanye, complete with custom jerseys, cheerleaders and announcers. Top NBA athletes even wished him a happy birthday on the jumbotron!

Obviously, not everyone can rent out a stadium for their birthday. Don’t look at the price tag for this gift, though; look at what it meant to the recipient. Kim could have bought something tangible, ornate and flashy for $100,000, but she made the choice to give Kanye a gift that would create memories, something far more priceless.

A memorable gift is not an easy one to give; it requires knowing your recipient very well. It will be a hard decision; you may have to weigh several options, and you will be tempted to go the “easy” route with a more expensive (but less personal) gift. In the end, though, making your gift into a memento is worth the effort.

Know your recipient, and know the difference between an expensive gift and a memorable one.

Gift Suggestions

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Engraved barware makes a great gift – but it also makes a great party favor. Sending the guests home with a personalized glass will ensure that your event will be remembered by everyone.

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