Tony Romo: Quarterback and Generous Gift Giver


This December marks the sixth year since Dallas Cowboy Star Quarterback Tony Romo proposed to Candice Crawford on her 24th birthday in 2010. Tony is an especially generous gift giver, at least to those he loves. For their engagement, Tony presented Candice with an 8-carat yellow diamond ring, featuring one carat round diamonds surrounding the center stone, at a price tag soaring past $80,000.

The yellow diamond ring has become more popular recently as an alternative to the standard diamond engagement ring. Keep up with the trends in gift-giving – you never know when an age-old tradition will be supplanted by something new.

Hopefully by the 2016 holiday, Tony will be back on the football field after a back injury in August sidelined him.

If a rare diamond ring is out of your budget, consider an engraved personalized gift. You can recreate the magic of a high-value gift at a fraction of the cost. Give a unique gift that has been etched with a personal message.

Gift Suggestions

vase_cut_thistle10_pedestalPersonalized Vases

Flowers will wilt, but the vase can last forever. Give a gift that will become an heirloom.


Engraved Wine Bottles

Champagne or wine is a common accent to an anniversary dinner. If engraved with a special message, that small accent can become the focus of a great gift.

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